Monday, November 23, 2009

html-Comprehensive Rules

To be precise, the title is a little mis-leading, but it is effectively that.
One part of my program is a parser for the comprehensive rules. It converts the text-version that you can download from Wizards into an xml-File, which is formatted as html with xslt. You can view it like any other html page in your browser.
My file has a very convenient features opposed to those directly from wizards: Links. Everywhere there's a cross reference between rules, you have a hyperlink that lets you directly jump to it. My next version should also have images for the mana- and tap symbols.

You can download the result directly here: xml and xsl, both are needed for proper display.

If you want to run the program yourself, you have to take some preparations (you may just ignore this if you're not into programming):

laterna and treeProperties (both on the SVN) are two distinct projects, you will need both. Additionally, I use jdom for creating the xml. You have to configure laterna's build path to contain the both.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Bruno Cardoso said...

The links for the XML and XSL no longer work.