Saturday, December 19, 2009


today is nothing about programming, just philosophic thoughts about the concept of Intelligence.
It's hard define intelligence, but one thing that for sure sets us apart from computers (currently) is our extreme potential of learning. No matter if it's the complex rules, or the uncounted combos and strategies, we play magic without any problems. To get a computer to play magic, we need complex programs and have to manually teach it what is good and what bad play.
But intelligence is nothing bound only to the brain. The brain is a very complex structure of neurons that, every one on its own, only does basic tasks. however, the sum is much greater than its parts.

we're able to let computers perform basic operations, so we should also be able, in principle, to develop a really intelligent program.
A nice example is Conway's Game of Life, a cellular automaton with a very simple set of rules. For every state, the next "generation" can be calculated by applying the rules. By this, it's possible to encode programs into the pattern. In principle, this game is mighty enough to do any calculation - even intelligence!
And now, we look at that gigantic pattern as it evolves and changes. It's not able to communicate with us directly, but with the right understanding of what the movements mean, we could "read its mind"... maybe it's thinking about its creator?


nantuko84 said...

hi, are you still working on your project? haven't seen any changes since Nov 26

Silly Freak said...

i'm working on it now and then, though I was a little lazy lately...