Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting a runnable program

It's a nice thing to get everything right the first time. I think I have many things working already, among them are characteristic-setting effects, replacement effects, skipping turns, taking extra turns, and more than two players.

But what I don't have is a game, which is rather disappointing. Sometimes, I think "okay I want to really try it out, a real-world situation. just add in the glue that's missing and make a simple GUI", and then I realize how much of the glue is missing.

Even though I have effects, I have neither spells nor abilities. I can't play cards or abilities. I have (vanilla) creatures, but no combat. I haven't even tested zones, not to mention the Stack.

Okay, now that I finished whining, let me say that I'm still on this. I'm not giving up. The last few days, I focused on the tight core of magic. Turn order is done, all with phases, steps and priority. Next comes the zones, excluding the Stack for now. When I'm done with that, I'll try to program playing a land, which is drastically different from playing spells or abilities.

This should be enough "core engine" to let me finally play a game. Draw a card, play a land or not, pass priority back and forth until it's the opponent's turn (myself again, no AI yet), and so forth.
Of course, there are needs besides the core engine. Most obviously, a GUI. The other two that come to my mind are decks, which i have started already, and a "controller". LaternaMagica has a Player class, which handles life points and so on, but there's no way yet to to make decisions. But that's another story ;)

Quick follow-up: an important thing I've forgotten for my to-do list is state-based actions. it would be too bad if a player doesn't die when he has no life (however that should happen without creatures or spells...)

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nantuko84 said...

a lot of work to be done
but keep working and one day we'll see the most correct engine implementation ;) and may be even GUI %)

as for me I'm still dreaming about 3D version for MagicWars