Thursday, November 18, 2010

Handling Arrays in web services

I'm currently working on an assignment to implement a simple web service, and started using the following tutorial: (German). I'm not sure if that's a general problem, but the auto-generated WSDL specification, and java's wsimport code generator handle arrays... strangely. So here is my ArrayHelper class. I was searching for something along its lines, but found nothing.

The problem: The code generator generates classes like StringArrayArray instead of using java String[][] objects. A StringArrayArray object is merely a wrapper around a List<StringArray>, and so on.

The solution: Use reflection to determine what type of wrapper you have to deal with (check the generic parameter of the list) and recursively convert the wrapped lists into real arrays.

The file: is free to use and modify, comes without any kind of warranty, and is available here. It was actually tested with String[][]; I'd strongly suggest testing with primitive types before using it. please leave comments if any problems ocurr. The code is nearly 130 lines in total, 70 lines being comments (recursion, you know).

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