Friday, October 21, 2011

What has gone on - Part 1

A lot, actually! Ever since the beginning of August, I found some time again to work on Laterna Magica. In my time "away" I have grown fond of the GIT version control system, using it together with SmartGit.
Two of the things I like about it: Branching is not only central to, but also easily done in GIT, and you quickly lose your fear of it. The second is that it is distributed, which was important because I have no private SVN server available where I work now. The nice extra of this is that many operations are just so much faster than with SVN, because branching, history, committing etc. are all local. The downside is that, even though I try to be a good kid and commit and document my changes, I am the only one to see them...
Which has to be changed! I'm going to upload my projects now to a git SCM site and them come back to post a little about my changes!

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