Saturday, March 7, 2015

Looking at IntelliJ - not the best start...

In a recent blog post, I wrote that IntelliJ IDEA is a popular choice for Scala developers. I wanted to try for myself, but had no luck - just as many others. While there are people who successfully code in Scala using IDEA 12, the most recent version 14 seems to have major problems in this regard. The bug I encountered was this one - unfortunately a show stopper; I can't even properly add the Scala SDK to IntelliJ. Others, who probably upgraded their install from a previous version of IDEA, seem to come a little further, and then run into other problems, like Gradle integration - which I want as well.

So, no trying IntelliJ with Scala for now. I still want to give it a try, however. With Laterna being Scala-only now, it will stay with Eclipse for a while though.

I think I'll try it with Android, as the official IDE for Android was recently migrated from Eclipse to IntelliJ. So it can't be just bad ;)

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