Thursday, July 15, 2010

Combat in sight?

Both destruction and damage are more or less completed concepts by now, and at this point I'm doing combat. What does this mean?
Every turn, you and your opponent can arrange your creatures and planeswalkers in a more or less complex relationship
  • some creatures attack a player or planeswalker
  • other creatures block those attackers. A single attacker may be blocked by multiple blockers and vice-versa (granted you have the right abilities around)
  • all these attackers and blockers have a damage assignment order
  • in the end, they all deal damage according to it, and they do so simultaneously. my ideas of simultaneity are... well, limited.
so, that's only the rules part. to let the player take all of the many required actions, the Actor class needs a bunch new input methods. And the GUI needs a way to control, display and update what's going on. If you think that's a lot to do, you're right ;)

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nantuko84 said...

combat is the most trickiest part in gui. several phases, deathtouch, multiblockers, can't be blocked except by three, first strike, double strike plus various events between..
good luck ;)

recently I was reported a *crazy* bug in mw: someone could attack with opponents creature. as I have double checking on server side, the whole combat was discarded saying to users that combat was hacked. but anyway no one could reproduce it once again, and I still don't know the reason of such behavior.
just saying how it's really difficult